Acupuncture for Infertility

Women suffering from infertility experience a sense of loss and are looking for many different treatment options such as fertility drugs, surgery, IVF, as well as alternative medicine. IVF/IUI treatments can be invasive and expansive. Holistic and alternative fertility treatments are becoming more popular because they are safer and more affordable.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of infertility may include regular acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine. In fact, there are many published research articles showing the effectiveness of acupuncture for infertility. Acupuncture allows women to conceive on their own and increases their chances of a successful pregnancy through IVF.

Luna Body and Mind offers acupuncture for fertility in Santa Monica/Los Angeles for both men and women. Our treatments won’t just significantly improve your chances of a successful pregnancy but will also help you relieve stress and strengthen your immune system in the process.

How Does Acupuncture Work for Infertility?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that involves stimulating bioactive points on the body with thin solid needles to create a better flow of blood and Qi through the body

Acupuncture is effective for many conditions that affect fertility such as uterine fibroids, PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, endometriosis, and more. Studies also show that acupuncture for fertility can help eliminate some side effects related to fertility drugs.

A study conducted by the American Pregnancy Association proved that acupuncture can significantly enhance the blood flow to reproductive organs and improve follicular and ovarian function. When there is improved blood flow, there is better nourishment for the uterus and ovaries. This, in turn, makes these organs function more optimally and increases the chances that the uterine lining will support the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Additionally, brain chemistry plays an essential role in fertility. Some research on this matter has described the link between conception and brain hormones.

  • Acupuncture significantly increases endorphin production, a crucial chemical that regulates the menstrual cycle.
  • Acupuncture enhances hormone production by properly stimulating the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. These endocrine glands are responsible for the production and regulation of hormones involved in the conception and pregnancy, such as luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and thyroid hormone. Optimal levels of these hormones can naturally improve egg production and ensure regular ovulation.

When Is the Best Time to Start Acupuncture for Fertility?

Acupuncture generally allows most women to conceive naturally within three to six cycles. Of course, the number of cycles depends on many factors such as your age and pre-existing health conditions. If you are already in the process of preparing for an IVF or IUI, ideally you should begin acupuncture 3 months before the procedure to improve the chance of conception and a healthy pregnancy. Doing acupuncture concurrently with IVF/IUI will significantly improve your chances of success which has been shown by both research and our clinical experience. If you are looking for acupuncture for fertility in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area, please schedule your free consultation with one of our practitioners!

What Can You Expect at Your First Acupuncture Visit?

Our practitioner will ask you questions about your lifestyle, stress levels, diet, sleep habits, and fertility concerns. We will base our diagnosis on the Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis along with your signs and symptoms. Your acupuncture treatment can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Most of our patients find acupuncture treatments delightfully relaxing. All of our treatment rooms have a calming ambience and zen atmosphere. Our sessions are enhanced by gem (jade, amethyst, tourmaline) far infrared mats that will keep you warm and flood your body with anti-inflammatory and energizing negative ions.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture is a very safe modality when performed by qualified practitioners. It is always best to work with licensed acupuncturists with many years of experience. Some reproductive endocrinologists would refer their patients to us based on success with their previous patients. You can always get connected with our experienced practitioners to ensure that you will have the best chance of conceiving and to take care of your body and mind through your pregnancy as well.

Is fertility acupuncture for you?

You might think that acupuncture for fertility sounds too good to be true. However, it really is that simple! Multitude of research studies shows over and over that the success rate is quite impressive. Acupuncture works by enhancing the blood flow and regulating hormones. There are really no negative side effects of acupuncture. However, this may not work for everyone. There are some physical limitations (women past menopause, absence or complete blockage of reproductive organs, etc.) that can make it impossible for conception to occur, even with the help of acupuncture.  Some of these cases would require surgical intervention or an IVF. Acupuncture is recommended by many reproductive endocrinologists for women undergoing the IVF or other types of assisted reproductive technology because it increases the chances of success.

If you are suffering from infertility, consult your gynecologist or reproductive endocrinologist to find out if acupuncture can help. Luna Body and Mind is a well-known clinic for acupuncture for fertility in Los Angeles. Our practitioners offer a free consultation to help patients decide if acupuncture can help as well as to explain the treatment plans.