One of our patients’ experience with the Immune Defender treatment combo

Always getting sick in the fall and winter is not normal!

Cold season is almost here and with that comes a lot of sickness..for me at least. There has not been a cold season that I have not gotten sick. Since I was younger there was always something. Sore throat, fever, congestion, ocular migraines and bronchitis, borderline pneumonia. I remember a few years ago bronchitis had me bedridden for almost three months. Breathing was the most difficult thing, I could not walk a few steps without already being tired. Extremely tired, not energy at all, showering even became a difficult task to do within those months of being sick. As I got older and more busy and responsible with life, I knew there was no time for me to be able to get sick. 

It pays off to do research, I found ozone sauna and cupping combination

I could not allow myself to be in such a weak state knowing there is so much to do. I did my research and found how I can try and combat this issue of mine, that I know many others go through as well. Sickness can take over your body by having a low immune system due to being overly stressed, getting no sleep, not eating properly and many other things, but all of that can be taken care of if you listen to your body and take time for some self care. With that I found the benefits of the ozone/infrared sauna. I found that it helps detoxify the body and boost your immune system and with those few words I was sold. When I tried the ozone sauna for the first time it felt amazing. I went home and it was the best sleep I had for a really long time and I woke up with so much energy I remember getting so many things done, I felt so accomplished.

Continued treatments allowed me to avoid getting colds, feel more energy and lose aches and pains

The more I used it the more and more I felt better. My fatigue was gone, I no longer felt sickly, I felt lighter and looser. My bones and joints did not feel pressure and pain as I did before. My body finally felt free in a way. When starting the ozone/infrared, I had some cupping done as well. When the treatment was done my body felt renewed. The cupping helped relax my muscles and ease away the stress I was feeling from being in so much pain for a long period of time. It felt as though it would never go away. A weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, the tension and anxiety I felt were gone. In addition to getting these treatments done, I also incorporated taking supplements to boost my immune system and better my overall health as well. Ever since starting this self care regimen I have not been sick once or have felt like I was getting sick. It has shown me the power of ozone/infrared, cupping and supplements!