Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that stimulates body’s natural healing mechanisms through insertion of fine solid needles into acupuncture points. It is extremely effective for alleviating acute and chronic pain, depression and anxiety, insomnia, allergic rhinitis, boosting immune system and many more conditions. It is safe and effective for adults, children, immune-compromised people, and pregnant women.


For the longest time, cupping has been one of the best well-kept secrets in America. Lately, however, it has been gaining popularity with a surprising speed. More and more people are discovering how amazing cupping makes them feel and are sharing their experiences with friends and family. Allopathic medicine (invasive procedures and drugs) come with many side effects so people are looking for a safer and more natural way of healing.

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Body Gua Sha

Gua sha is a scraping technique that warms the treated area. It is used to relieve muscle pain and tension, move the qi and blood and break down scar tissue. This is a releasing technique that allows the body to release stagnant toxins and circulate the blood.

Facial Gua Sha

Facial gua sha is a gentle scarping technique that relaxes facial muscles and promotes lymphatic fluid drainage. It helps the blood flow to reach outer layers of the skin to prevent it from drying out. The result is more radiant complexion, reduced puffiness, relaxed facial and jaw muscles, improved skin quality, and a calm mind.

Acupuncture with Electro-Stimulation

Acupuncture with electro-stimulation is a relatively modern invention that involves an electrical current passing through a pair of needles.

An electro-acupuncture device creates a continuous electrical pulsed current, which is passed through the wires. The wires are clipped to the acupuncture needles inserted into the body.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a highly cherished ancient practice that has been around for more than 2000 years. Every patient is individually evaluated for the correct pattern of disharmony and constitutional tendencies. The herbal treatment is based on the individual’s diagnosis as well as Chinese Materia Medica herbal formulas, which are selected and customized for each case.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial rejuvenation with acupuncture is a natural anti-aging therapy that improves skin tone, texture and elasticity; diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and enhances complexion. The insertion of very tiny facial needles stimulates blood flow and allows the nutrients to nourish all layers of the skin. Relaxed facial and jaw muscles, relief of nasal congestion, and a calm mind are additional benefits of this treatment.

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Acupressure Ear Seeds

Application of 24K gold or silver coated magnets produces long lasting positive effects on the brain. Acupressure works similarly to acupuncture by stimulating bioactive points on the ear. Our ear seed protocols reduce stress, improve sleep, and diminish pain. We also have protocols that were shown effective for combatting addiction to alcohol, smoking, and sugar and can be very helpful for weight loss. The effects are usually instantaneous and last up to 5 days after the application. This is an ideal add-on to an acupuncture treatment (we call it acupuncture to go) or can be a standalone treatment. The application of ear seetakes about a minute and is a perfect treatment for someone who is pressed for time.

The Healing Power of Moxibustion

When you walk into an acupuncture clinic, you may notice that familiar smoky smell of moxa. Some people don’t like it; others love it. New patients generally ask, “What is that interesting herbal smell?”

Well, that earthy fragrance is the smell of burning herb called moxa (also called mugwort or Artemisia Vulgaris). Moxibustion is an ancient Chinese healing technique of warming acupuncture points by burning moxa cone(s) close to or directly on the skin. Moxibustion can be used in combination with acupuncture or as a standalone therapy.

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Skin micro-needling uses pen-shaped devices armed with fine needles to make minuscule, evenly spaced punctures in the skin. The small wounds created by the needling devices, which sometimes allow a pinprick of blood to rise to the surface, induce the skin to start a wound healing response. The body rushes to patch up the injury by growing fresh collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are what give your skin its strength and ability to stretch and make it appear more youthful.

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Acupuncture for Infertility

Women suffering from infertility experience a sense of loss and are looking for many different treatment options such as fertility drugs, surgery, IVF, as well as alternative medicine. IVF/IUI treatments can be invasive and expansive. Holistic and alternative fertility treatments are becoming more popular because they are safer and more affordable.

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