Yes, I put 24K gold in my ears...

Last week I stopped into my one of my favorite wellness spots in Santa Monica. Luna Body + Mind for my regular ozone treatment (click here for more info on that)

And the Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Mahshid suggested I give acupressure ear seeds a try!

You bet I did.

What is it for exactly?

Ear seeds can treat a myriad of conditions! From stress/anxiety, chronic pain, digestion issues, insomnia, substance abuse, sleep problems, weight loss + more, what I learn is that ear seeds are amazingly easy + effective.


The effects are usually instantaneous and last up to 5 days after the application.


Application of 24K gold or silver coated magnets produces long lasting positive effects on the brain. Acupressure works similarly to acupuncture by stimulating bioactive points on the ear.


The application of ear seeds takes about a minute and is a perfect treatment for someone who is pressed for time. This is an ideal add-on to an acupuncture treatment (think of it as acupuncture to go) or can be a standalone treatment.


And how do they work exactly?  And more importantly, do ear seeds work? Ear seeds apply pressure on specific pressure points, or acu-points, on the ear, the same way that acupuncture needles stimulate healing at acu-points (where blood, nerve, lymph and connective tissue meet) on the body.  Stimulating an acupoint, whether via acupuncture or acupressure with ear seeds, sends a message to the brain that alters brain chemistry, and tells the body to react to achieve a desired result.


All in all I’m always excited about trying a new wellness treatment. And it looks cute in the ear  so that’s a major plus 🤎