Rejuvenate and Relieve Pain and Tension with Cupping Therapy

For the longest time, cupping has been one of the best well-kept secrets in America. Lately, however, it has been gaining popularity with a surprising speed. More and more people are discovering how amazing cupping makes them feel and are sharing their experiences with friends and family. Allopathic medicine (invasive procedures and drugs) come with many side effects so people are looking for a safer and more natural way of healing.

Here at Luna Body and Mind, we proudly offer what we believe is the best cupping in Los Angeles. It may be surprising but cupping works on body, mind and spirit levels, and is an effective modality for many physical and emotional symptoms.

What is the cupping therapy and how does it work?

Cupping is a traditional Middle Eastern and Chinese modality dating back thousands of years. During this treatment, cups are placed on specific areas of the body – usually the back, shoulders and back. More uncommon areas for cupping are the knees, elbows, feet, face and abdomen. An acupuncturist uses either a traditional fire cupping method or a more modern suction pump to create vacuum and suction in the cups. Unlike a massage, cupping produces negative pressure and pulls soft tissue into the cups. This forces blood through the blood vessels and improves oxygenation within organs and tissues.

Different types of cupping therapy

Here at Luna Body and Mind we most often do dry cupping.

For dry cupping, an acupuncturist puts a flammable substance, for example, paper, herbs, or alcohol, in a cup and then sets the substance on fire. When the fire burns the air inside the cup, vacuum is created and the cups are placed on the skin.

Often, we employ a more modern cupping style that involves a suction pump and cups with magnets inside. The amount of suction is more precise with this device, and magnets provide additional therapeutic benefits to speed up healing.

Wet cupping involves using a bleeding device (such as a lancet) to puncture the skin; a vacuum cup is then placed over it to encourage a few drops of blood out. Wet cupping is fantastic for many conditions involving pain such as arthritis or gout or an acute or chronic pain from an injury.

We are offering both wet and dry cupping therapy in our Los Angeles/Santa Monica location.

Health benefits of cupping therapy

Improved Circulation

The suction produced by cupping can significantly boost the blood and Qi circulation to the area where the cups are placed. Cupping forces the blood even through the smallest of blood vessels under pressure. As we age, these tiny blood vessels atrophy and deteriorate. Cupping gives blood vessels a great workout and a new life!

In addition to keeping the blood vessels healthy and strong, and as a result of improved blood flow, cupping enhances cell metabolism and repair.


Liver and kidneys work hard to remove toxins from the blood. Cupping assists the process of detoxification by mechanically squeezing the cells. Cell walls are permeable and under pressure, they release lactic acid and other metabolic waste into the surrounding lymphatic fluid. This helps the body to flush all the toxins through the lymphatic system and eventually through urination, digestive tract or sweat.

With cupping therapy in Los Angeles offered by Luna Body and Mind, we often incorporate cupping for detoxification and weight loss.

Reduced anxiety

Cupping (especially along the spine) activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This produces deep relaxation and improves digestion and sleep.

Reduction of edema, stretch marks, cellulite, and varicose/spider veins

With improved blood and lymphatic flow, your body can dispose of toxins and remove edema. Cupping is a systemic treatment and affects the whole body, even when cupping is not done directly on the affected area. Spider and varicose veins (bluish, bulging veins under your skin) are usually located on the feet and legs. The valves of these veins are not working correctly and those blood vessels are not able to return the blood to the heart effectively. Cupping therapy brings fresh oxygen and blood flow to the affected area. Our patients notice less pressure in their varicose veins even after one cupping session. For lasting results, you may need to go for a series of cupping therapy sessions.


Cupping therapy effectively treats chest congestion and cough that often results from asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions. Cupping breaks up and expels the phlegm and brings lymph and oxygen-rich blood toward the lungs and crucial respiratory muscles. Cupping usually provides immediate relief for chest congestion and cough.

Aids digestion and helps colon blockages

As mentioned above, cupping therapy triggers the parasympathetic nervous system. This, in turn, increases the blood flow to your digestive tract. Cupping of the abdomen area can also stimulate the digestive organs. It helps in peristalsis, clears colon blockages, and prevents indigestion. We often cup the abdomen to assist in weight loss as it stimulates metabolism as well.

Is cupping safe?

As acupuncturists, we are extensively trained in cupping therapy. With proper safety precautions, cupping is safe for everyone. Having performed cupping for many years on a number of patients, we believe that we offer the best cupping therapy in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area. Call us today to book an appointment!

Lola has been my acupuncturist for over 10 years, and I can’t say enough great things about her. She is passionate about her work, and an absolute best at what she does. Lola is knowledgeable, friendly, doesn’t mind explaining her treatment plan in detail, and answer every question; her treatments are painless, and she truly cares about her patients.

L D.

Stop what your doing ! and make an appointment! This was my first acupuncture experience and I feel amazing. I’ve been working over time the past few weeks and I have trouble sleeping from the work and stress. My friend recommended me here, I did a quick stress relief acupuncture and a cupping session for my back. Did wonders ! Parking was easy , staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. The space is beautiful and clean I felt very relaxed. Would recommend.

Sonya C.

I was recommended to come here by a friend for my treatment today and oh was I surprised. I went for the ozone steam sauna and my expectations were exceeded. Not only did I sweat beyond all belief in the 30 minutes sitting and loosing around 600 calories, but Lola was one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever interacted with. The ear acupuncture was also great and now I’ll be coming back here regularly. I feel like a million bucks tonight. Thanks Lola!

Adam B.

I purchased a 10 session acupuncture and ozone sauna package from Luna Body and Mind and absolutely loved it!! I was looking forward to each and every session! Acupuncture therapy restored my energy levels, balanced my chakras and boosted my happiness. Lola, the owner of this place, is absolutely amazing! Each session she greeted me with her beautiful warm smile and always made me feel at home. I felt completely relaxed and restored after each treatment with her. Lola is a very balanced and powerful healer. I completely trust her with my body and well-being. Highly recommend this place and already looking forward to coming back!!

Katusha S.

I’m not exaggerating when I say Luna has changed my body aching quarantine life.
My favorite business in Santa Monica, feel so blessed to have Lola work her acupuncture/ cupping magic!
The ozone sauna is a must too! I want to hug that thing! So detoxifying and stress relieving!
I always arrive at Luna excited and rushed from a busy day and leave a whole new person.
So relaxing & truly body healing, better then any massage can provide and with long term benefits.
There’s something unique about Lola, her presence is calming & inviting.
I highly suggest to anyone who hasn’t tried acupuncture to give it a shot. I’m a tiny lady, if my body can handle it, you can too haha it doesn’t hurt, it is tension relieving.
I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my sleep, mood, energy, and anxiety since going here.
Love you all! Thank you for existing :)

Cat Zaimi, M A.

Out of all the acupuncturists I have seen, Lola is truly the best of the best. I have been living in LA for over 6 years and have seen it all and therefore normally don’t write reviews but Lola is THAT good. When I am constantly seeing Lola for treatments, my health is the best it will ever be. I cannot recommend Luna, Body & Mind enough. It is honestly life changing!

Alexis L.

Lola was very knowledgeable about my Autoimmune problems and offered great recommendations (even my dr was very impressed). My teen daughter is a very big fan of gold seeds, they really help her distress from school. The ambiance is very calm and relaxing. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable. The space was clean and everything was sanitized.
Very COVID19 safe (big plus for me)

Alla D.

Lately I have been suffering from extreme back pain with consistently low HRV and sleep numbers. I visited Lola and felt absolutely at home in her gorgeous clinic near the Promenade in Santa Monica. I explained to Lola what was bothering me and she did an extensive acupuncture, cupping and electro stem treatment on me. Immediately, my back stopped seizing up and my pain decreased immensely. Not only did I feel better, but my HRV score went up 20 points after one day and I had 2:45 minutes of REM sleep when I was previously averaging 1:20 minutes. I plan to go back in two days to increase the benefits and healing, and I know that these treatments will get me back to feeling and sleeping great. Thank you Lola!

G. Luquet

Have been a patient of Lola’s for quite some time now, and can say she’s is a godsend. Not only she’s very experienced but her bedside manners are the best. She shares her vast knowledge of Chinese medicine with so much grace, patiently explaining every step of the way so I can feel good about it at any given time. Best of all, I feel a real difference after the treatments. Pain level has significantly decreased, and I have been feeling more relaxed.
New Santa Monica place has incredibly healing vibes to it, designed with care and patients in mind. I appreciate the precautions ‘Luna body and mind’ team is taking to ensure a safe and sanitized experience. Looking forward to my weekly sessions!

Natalia Tibelius

I came in for an acupuncture treatment as well as moxa and ear seeding, and I have to say it was an AMAZING experience. Lola is an incredible acupuncturist and made me feel instantly better!!!! I will be coming back weekly for treatments and I HIGHLY recommend for anyone and everyone with anxiety, stress, insomnia etc. to come in and give it a try; best decision of my life! Not to mention the office is absolutely adorable. The vibes are very peaceful and relaxing. I can’t wait for my next treatment !

Alexandra Peters

Treatments at Luna always makes me feel better, physically and psychologically.  Lola is so knowledgeable about how the body works and listens carefully to any issue which impacts my health and well being.

Mari Koerner

I had the pleasure of meeting with Lola and using the ozone sauna today, and it was a great relief and detox. She was very knowledgeable, very responsive, and I had a great conversation with her. I’m definitely considering all of her other services as well. I highly recommend to others!

Chris Brandlin

Coming to Luna Body and Mind has had a huge, positive impact on my health and energy levels. Lola is super knowledgeable about alternative & integrative health protocols and has a kind, warm, welcoming energy. Alexandra & Alex are nice, responsive with scheduling and taking care of me during ozone treatments. The ozone far infrared sauna has made all the difference in helping me get rid of brain fog and burn out. Every time I walk out of this place I feel like a million dollars.
Thank you, Luna Body & Mind !!

Maria D.

Lola at Luna is an absolute artist – a magic worker. She is compassionate, humble, funny, empathetic, and knows how to make you feel at ease immediately. Somehow the day just turns around the second I’m even driving in for a treatment and I’m in a state of bliss for days afterward. The space is beautiful, the acupuncture beds and heat lamps feel like warm hugs, and the ozone sauna is the key to detoxifying your body and life! Could not recommend Luna B&A more!

Michele Nilsen

I’ve had several sessions at Luna and I feel so good! Truly a lovely location and office! Feels incredibly relaxing to walk into such a beautiful space!

On top of that! The services they offer are unmatched in my experience, they tailor every session to your needs and can give acupuncture, cupping, or the ozone treatment! Walk out the door feeling amazing every time!

Highly suggest booking a free consultation or your first session ASAP!

Erik Lundstrom